Work at Thrive

We know life and work is always changing - especially now. That's why we offer multiple ways and flexibility for you to work at Thrive.

You can drop-in with a day pass, monthly pass or punch card or reserve your own dedicated desk or office - or you can try our new Office for a Day plan! All include amenities such as fiber internet, free printing, meeting space, and even kombucha and cold brew on tap. Our Community Manager is here every day to help you feel welcome and part of the community.

We are practicing Covid-19 safety protocols to ensure all members are comfortable and safe while you work. 

Not sure where to start? Come in any weekday from 10am-2pm and our Community Manager, Braelyn, will help you find the perfect fit! 

For all of our safety and security, you must register with a FREE Guest Membership to purchase any passes. It's quick and painless (we promise!) and ensures we know who is in the space at all times.

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